Caffeine Free

3-5 minute brew time



Organic Stinging Nettle, Organic Red Raspberry leaf, Organic Pink Rose Petals, Organic Orange Peel, and Organic Mullein.


Brew Instructions
Add 1 tablespoon of tea to bag or steeper and place in your favorite mug. Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over the tea and steep for 3-5 minutes or until desired strength is reached.

Remember to play around with a level teaspoon or heaping, as well as brew time to achieve your perfect tasting brew.


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Most people automatically reach for over the counter or prescription meds for seasonal allergies. However, herbs can provide allergy relief that is just as effective without any nasty or dangerous side effects and toxicity.

The only drawback with using herbs for allergy relief is that you need to keep using them faithfully throughout the entire pollen season. Ideally, start using them a week or so before the pollen gets bad.

Can you start using herbs once symptoms have already started? Yes, you can, but you will need to be patient until the full power of the herbs kicks in. The reason is that it takes a few days to build up levels of the herb’s anti-inflammatory properties in your blood and tissues. (1)


Nettle is one of the very best herbs for allergy relief as it is a potent anti-histamine. Blended with mullein, used traditionally for allergies and dry, irritated coughs. Red raspberry leaf, orange peel, and rose petals accent the light earthy tones giving a gentle sweetness.



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Allergy Relief