Our calendula herbal oil is solar infused allowing us to incorporate the energy of the sun into your infused oil. Each herbal infusion starts under a full moon and is strained after the completion of the lunar phase.


Ingredients: Organic calendula flowers infused in Organic Raw Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Reiki energy.


1oz and 2oz bottles come with droppers, larger sizes come with screw on cap. Message us for larger sizes and custom orders.


Shelf life: One year if properly stored

Storage: Cool, dry, dark area. Herbal infused oils may be refrigerated or frozen to extend freshness.



Calendula is a powerhouse of skin soothing, and protective actives. The extract of Calendula is well known for it's ability to treat inflammation, and dry, irritated, or stressed skin. A wonderful choice for baby and sensitive skin where it delivers moisture repair, and skin soothing activity.


Some Health and Skin Benefits of Calendula Oil*


  1. Treats dry skin
  2. Good antiseptic
  3. Works on scars
  4. Eliminates thread veins
  5. Reduce anti-aging properties
  6. Heals wounds
  7. Heals burns
  8. Treats animal bites
  9. Relives diaper rashes
  10. Used as lip balm


Uses for calendula oil


  1. Use it for a facial - After a good facial scrub, apply a few drops of calendula oil on the face and massage the oil in well.
  2. Use to repair your skin - Take a few drops of the herbal oil and apply to your face before bedtime to repair damaged skin. Allow a few minutes for the oil to absorb into the skin prior to applying night creams.

  3. Use before applying makeup - By applying calendula oil on your skin before makeup, not only may it protect your skin, but agive you a brighter look while nourishing and repairing the skin.

  4. Treat the Sunburn - Calendula oil may relieve smaller spots of sunburn in the skin, soothing the irritaion and allowing your skin to become more comfortable.

  5. Repair skin around your eyes - Place a few drops of oil on your fingertip, apply to the skin around your eyes to rejuvinate the skin. Use caution to keep out of eyes.




Please note there may be slight variations from pictures above as each item is handcrafted.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Calendula Infused Oil

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