Samdal Elderberry


An excellent new commercial cultivar from Denmark, Samdal Elderberry bears large clusters of black fruits that are particularly high in anthocyanins. Plants send out many shoots from the base each year and bear fruit on second year wood. In order to maximize productivity you can prune out second year wood after the fruit is harvested. Sampo Elderberry makes a great pollenizer and Danish partner for Samdal.


Latin NameSambucus nigra
Site and Soil: American Elderberries like 1/2 day to full sun and well-drained soil.
Pollination Requirements: Partially self-fertile. Plant with another European variety to maximize production.
Hardiness: American Elderberry is hardy to minus 30° F.
Bearing Age: 1-2 years after planting
Size at Maturity: up to 10 ft. in height
Bloom Time: June
Ripening Time: September
Yield: 20+ lbs.
Pests & Diseases: Elderberries are not bothered by pests or diseases
USDA Zone: 3-8


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Organic Samdal Elderberry