Winter is Vata season and hot chocolate is a great antidote to the chilly and crisp weather happening outside. Being naturally cold, dry, and light, Vata dosha is pacified by sweet, warm, oily, heating and grounding substances. Warm milk is especially beneficial this time of year, particularly if you are feeling ungrounded and anxious.


In Ayurveda, milk (preferably organic and raw) is considered a sattvic food. Sattva is the quality of virtue and goodness. Sattvic foods help to create balance, stability, and harmony. Milk is said to help build all seven tissues while calming the mind, nerves, and emotions.


It is one of my favorites in cold winter months and the kids love it also! My hot cacao blend is a mix of cacao, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and ashwaganha.



Hot Cacao Mix comes in glass jar with screw lid

NetWt. 3oz (85g)


All spices are organic and Fair Trade.


Cacao: One of the highest sources of plant-based iron, perfect during the cold months when we need that extra nutritional